September 10, 2016


This hat is one of my newest and I love this beautiful blue colour. I called it 'Water' because it looks like watercolour paint brushed on textured paper. I used a Nuno felting technique by laying a blue vintage silk chiffon Scarf on to natural colour merino wool fibres.  It's almost iridescent when the light catches it.  Now listed in my Etsy shop

It's been a busy, dry and hot summer and difficult to find as much time for felting as I would like.  
My felting workshops have been going well and I always have the loveliest students.  
September 17th is a slipper felting workshop at Rosehaven Yarn Shop which I am looking forward to.  There is even one spot still available for last minute sign up.  Just call the shop at 613-476-9092 to register!  

This summer I have had some of my hats for sale at The Local Store here in Prince Edward County and that has been great for sales!  If you are in this area they will be open until Thanksgiving and longer if the weather is nice. So many beautiful things for sale there all from local artisans and artists.

I couldn't resist calling this hat 'Dalmation' like those lovely dogs I used to see at the fire station when I was little!  It is Nuno felted using black silk chiffon fabric with white polka dots (that I bought last February in Barbados at the fabulous Abbotts!) on natural coloured merino wool fibres. The dots were round and symmetrical on the fabric but when it attached to the felted wool they became distorted looking more like little pebbles.  I love how thicker, heavier fabrics ruche into the felting wool whereas thinner, finer fabrics just melt into the wool leaving only a colour imprint on the surface. 

This hat is listed in my Etsy shop and comes with two interchangeable flowers that pin onto the hat separately, or the red rose bud can be nestled inside the centre of the black flower for a pop of colour.  The hat has a hand sewn side seam and a hand folded pleat at the crown. 

'Purple Rain' is something a little different for me.  I Nuno felted a flat piece of felt by laying wool on hand dyed natural cotton fabric. This made a very thin, light and supple piece of felt. After the felting process I cut the fabric into a pattern for a slouchy hat and hand sewed the seams.  This created a soft and malleable slouch hat that can be pushed around into various shapes on the head. The outer surface of the hat is wool but inside is a lovely pale pinkish-mauve cotton which has ruched into a textured delight. It's soft on both sides and very comfortable to wear.  It's also a very warm and cozy hat while being light as a feather. 

'Rosy' is a little sculptured headpiece that is destined for someone very unique and special. I don't know who yet but Rosy is listed on Etsy and is calling out to who ever that creative individual might be! I love the wide folded up brim and find this style (which I call a brimmed beanie) looks amazing on people with short hair. The ones who always say that hats don't suit them!  Of course it also looks lovely on people with long hair as can seen here on my adorable model Gabby! 

'Flame' is made in a lovely orangey-red colour that seemed destined for a red head.  In fact it is on its way to a very patient Hayley who is pictured below looking beautiful (with her red hair) wearing it against a very plain background.  Hayley works with me at Rosehaven Yarn Store in Picton and noticed the hat as I was showing it to some of my hat felting students a few weeks ago.  She popped it on, I grabbed a (few not very well lit) shots and she decided that Flame needed to go home with her.  She said she would wait as I still needed to sew the tag inside. It's all done now and ready for her to take home.  Thanks Hayley!

The lovely Hayley wearing her new hat 'Flame'.  It's perfectly suited to her in every way!

This summer just for fun and something different I decided to make slouchy hats using up bits and pieces from the many lovely old cashmere and merino felted sweaters I have been collecting over the years from various vintage shops.  These have been hot sellers as slouch is the in thing right now!  This one just got stitched together, embroidered and embellished with a vintage button and is ready to go. It's the ultimate in casual comfort and warmth and sure looks cute on Gabby. 

Below are little bits of knitting that travel with me as I always need to have something to do with my hands! They get picked up and put down many times before each pair is finished. These are various styles of fingerless gloves, wrist warmers and wristlets that are a wardrobe staple in a cold winter climate like ours. If your pulse points are warm it helps your whole body to stay warm. They can be a fashion statement as well in all these lovely variegated colours of wool, silk and alpaca blended yarn.

May 26, 2016


     'Suffragette' ~ wet felted merino wool & silk

I love seeing the word 'fresh' in the background of this photo. It describes my model Gabby's lovely look in this new hat perfectly! Fresh also describes the gorgeous little flower shop where I took the photos in this post. Thank you so much Alison Westlake, (owner of Coriander Girl flower shop in Picton and Toronto), for letting me take pictures surrounded by your beautiful blooms and thanks to Alexis Bouma for making it such a joyful experience!  It's a heavenly, happy place and no visit to Picton would be complete without stopping by for a pretty hand tied bouquet of fresh cut flowers! 202 Main Street, Picton Ontario!

This new hat was out the door almost as fast as I could list it in my Etsy shop! If I'd spent a bit more time with it I might have become too attached to let it go. I'm happy that it's gone to a good home and that someone who loves it will be smiling out from under that pretty brim.  I named this hat in honour of Christabel and Emmaline Pankhurst and all the other women devoted to the cause of women's rights after watching the movie "Suffragette". I was just a little inspired by their sense of fashion and self worth!

     This is lovely Alexis making my day!

And now I have to admit that truthfully I have neglected my Blog over the past few months.  Not on purpose, of course.  It's all because of Instagram.  As if FaceBook and Etsy weren't enough ... my curiosity about Instagram got the better of me and I leaped in with both feet!  And, well, yes, it's really amazing! Sooo, if I haven't done a Blog post in a while and you are wondering what I'm up to in the hat making department, you can always find instant photos of all that's new @caketinhats on Instagram.  I'm still attached to my Blog though and will continue to post here as well (even if it is somewhat infrequently!). 

The following photos are all new for spring and summer. 

   'Mandarin' ~ Nuno and wet felted with merino & organdy

    'Sandbanks' ~ nuno and wet felted fabric on wool

   'Hibiscus' ~ nuno and wet felted with merino & silk chiffon

   'Baked Apple' ~ wet felted  merino wool and silk

The making of 'Baked Apple'.  All the hats start out this way - flat as a pancake!

   Wondering what this hat will decide to become!

   On the hat block for shaping

Another great place to visit when you are in my neck of the woods is the new and wonderful Local Store just south of Bloomfield featuring all things locally hand made in Prince Edward County by over 80 artisans.  You will not be disappointed!   CakeTin Hats is there featuring a variety of hats that have been knitted, felted and up-cycled!  Below are a few cashmere up-cycled slouchy hats which are a great style for everyone (even hat hatters like these)!  They are made from pre-loved, re-purposed cashmere sweaters that are seriously soft and snuggly warm.  They are all hand stitched ... because I enjoy it, it reminds me to be mindful and it's actually faster than setting up the sewing machine. (Ugh!) Available at The Local Store

    This one is a soft mint green.  Already sold it at The Cheerfully Made Market!

Earlier this month I spent a day in Almonte (a delightful little town near Ottawa) at the Cheerfully Made Market. I finished this hat on the way and it was sold before I had a chance to photograph it and so its lovely new owner Sophie became my model!  It was perfect with her black and white outfit. Thanks Sophie!

I had such fun with some of the little shoppers there and was so glad that I made some special items just for them.  These three were liking the felted bow hair bands and I was liking their sunny smiles! Anyway it sure was a cheerful day!

 A rainbow of hair bands.

I've also been working on some knitted fingerless gloves with ruffles and some felted wrist warmers. And a couple of hippie floral head wreaths to round things out.  Lots of colour in all these pieces.

Looks like the first pair but these are a slightly different colour. They are made with Noro silk garden yarn from Japan.  It's a delicate yarn spun from lambs wool and silk.  The colours are luscious!  

Gwen is a hat fanatic from Toronto who bought this hat from me on Etsy. I had the pleasure of meeting her because she was in Prince Edward County for a few days and came to pick it up.  I love to connect with my customers and  see their beautiful, happy faces under my hats. This really was the perfect hat for her! Thanks Gwen! I hope you enjoy your hat.

Oh yes ... I also made a brooch or two. Actually more than two but I'm not counting anymore. They just pop up now and then when the mood strikes me.  They have a dual purpose pin and clip on the back so they can be used in hair, on hats or for shawls or as brooches.  

And that's it for today!  Thanks for checking out the Blog.  For more frequent updates go to Instagram @caketinhats ... And have a peek at my Etsy shop shop ❤️

   Nuno felted brooch

   Fitting right in at Coriander Girl with the pretty flowers


Hair clips for the little girls along with flower pins and small broches or hat pins